Solve Labs

Solve Labs is a suite of cloud-hosted software and web apps that help users with their data-related problems. Our apps range from bespoke solutions for individual clients, through to off-the-shelf apps that help carry out general tasks commonly found in the mining industry.

We believe that you are best-suited to understand the complexities and relationships in your data; we are here to help by providing easy access to cutting-edge algorithms across the data science and geoscience spectrum.

Solve Labs currently has three ready-made apps available for beta-testing, with more on the way. You can read more about these apps below.

Contact us if you would like to assist as a beta tester, or get in touch if you have specific software requirements that we can help with. Once testing is complete, apps will be available via subscription.

No matter how big or small the problem, our unique combination of data science, high-powered computing, and decades of combined geological experience means that you will get the most suitable outcome for all your geoscientific software needs.


Design and cost geophysical and geochemical surveys.

Anyone who has designed a geophysical or geochemical survey knows that a lot of time can be spent optimising; requiring you to juggle survey resolution, extents, budget and time constraints. AutoPlan removes the grunt work. This app helps geoscientists to rapidly plan spatial surveys— airborne or ground-based—and create costing and cash burn projections. 

To become a beta tester for AutoPlan please get in touch.


Impute missing data in geoscientific datasets.

One common issue with geoscientific data problems is missing data. Bowser uses a Random Forest algorithm to impute missing and incomplete data in a smart and consistent way. The results are easily visualised; showing you a comparison between the imputed and actual data, and an analysis of the expected margin of error. Bowser is a key, early-stage component in a lot Solve’s own data science workflows.

To become a beta tester for Bowser please get in touch.


Identify patterns in your data using unsupervised classification.

Link is an unsupervised classification app specifically designed to handle drill core data that our clients use on a daily basis. Link allows users to identify patterns and structure in their dataset, find outliers, or reduce high dimensional data into something more manageable. Powered by UWOT dimensionality reduction, OPTICS clustering and cloud-based processing, Link can handle a wide-variety of datasets.

To become a beta tester for Link please get in touch.


Combine datasets quickly and easily.

Despite being a frequent requirement in geoscience, it is difficult to find software that can perform a simple merge of datasets in a transparent way. Ratchet solves this issue. Boasting an easy-to-use interface, the app enables you to merge most geoscientific data, including point to point, point to interval and compositing.

To become a beta tester for Ratchet please get in touch.


A solution specific to you.

We often build our client-specific data science workflows into custom apps. This allows users to explore and interact with their own data and models. You can not only see results, but also see how we got there; directly modify parameters; or dynamically add new data as it becomes available. Our apps can range from a simple, interactive html report to a powerful web application.

To discuss a custom solution for your business, please get in touch.